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Yellow or rust colored water can be a sign of old, deteriorating pipes. Galvanized pipes are iron pipes free estimatescoated with zinc.

Over time the zinc errodes, exposing the raw iron to water causing the pipes to rust. Replace your old galvanized pipes with copper and enjoy clean, clear water, free from rust!


Trenchless & Pipe Relining

The technicians A-1 Total Service Plumbing are industry leaders in trenchless technology. We have been helping diagnose, repair and replace sewers in the Los Angeles area for over a decade.

We'll work with you to diagnose and develop plan to help keep your home sewer lines healthy


plumbing long beach

It is very important that you select plumbing upgrades for your home with an eye to saleability in the future.

Beautiful things stay that way through fluctuations in style and fashion. Call A-1 Total Service Plumbing today!



plumbing long beach

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Customer Reviews

~ I had John and his apprentice come to our house on May 16 & 17 for a clogged waste line from the toilet / bath line to the mainline. John used the camera and found broken clay pipe and roots, probably from the original line back in 1913 when the house was built.

I have to give kudos to these two who worked hard to correct the damage and put in a new line and blew out the line several times to ensure of getting rid of the roots before the repair and afterword to make sure the repair was succsesfull-what attention to detail they provided on this project. They represented A-1 Total Service Plumbing as a class A plumbing service that i would be proud to recommend to all. Thank you~

~Richard Risden~