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Orange County Pipe Lining

Reline, Repair & Descale Your Home’s Pipes

A-1 Total Service Plumbing offers comprehensive and convenient pipe lining services in Orange County. Thanks to our extensive industry experience and advanced plumbing equipment, we are able to reline, descale, and repair all sorts of pipes without having to dig up a huge portion of your lawn. The secret is in our CIPP relining, or cured-in-place pipe relining.

What are the major benefits of pipe relining instead of replacement?

  • No need to purchase new pipes
  • No need to excavate pipes in your yard
  • Stops future damage to your home and property
  • Easily clears out blockage-causing debris
  • Saves thousands of dollars compared to traditional repairs
  • Takes much less time to complete on average

Discover all the benefits of pipe lining today. Call our Orange County plumbers at (310) 341-2771!

Why Would You Need Your Pipes Lined?

Over time, even the best quality pipes and pipes of the largest diameter can start to wear down or clog. Instead of conducting intensive pipe repairs and replacements, consider using our pipe lining services in Orange County. Pipe relining helps solve many problems by resealing problem areas with a liquid epoxy solution that dries in place, becoming extremely durable. Our plumbing specialists would be happy to inspect your property’s plumbing to accurately determine if pipe relining would work.

Pipe lining services can fix problems related to:

  • Cracks and breaks: Your home’s pipework can become damaged for many commonplace reasons. Roots from nearby trees can intrude, shifts in the soil can apply intense pressure, the pipe’s material can corrode, and so forth. Pipe relining targets specific breaks and cracks, coats them thickly with the liquid epoxy, and patches them up in far less time than it would take to dig out and replace the pipe altogether.
  • Scale buildup: Cast iron pipes are susceptible to scale buildup just from regular wear and tear. Scale becomes a serious problem when it becomes so heavy in the pipe, it increases water pressure and damages the pipe. Using our advanced plumbing tech, we can clear out the scale buildup in your pipes without digging them up and patch up remaining issues with new pipe lining.
  • Sewer line damage: A problem with your sewer line needs to be addressed as soon as possible because it could be a health hazard that puts you and your family at risk. Telltale signs of sewer line damage include discolored water, backed up toilets, foul smelling water, etc. Call our Orange County plumbers for pipe lining services that help clean and repair your defective sewer line.

Get Orange County’s Trusted Plumbers On the Job Today

For more than 65 years, A-1 Total Service Plumbing has been helping the people of Orange County, Los Angeles County, and beyond keep their plumbing up to par. So many years in a single industry is practically unprecedented, marking our team as one of the most experienced in the region. Our success has been possible due to our professional courtesy, 100% satisfaction guarantees, and upfront flat-rate pricing that does not trick people with extra charges. We invite you to discover the A-1 Total Service Plumbing difference today for your pipe relining services in Orange County.

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